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Certification Differently

At Southpac Certifications, we believe in doing things differently. We know businesses are tired of the same old tick-and-flick approach, which is why we have built our reputation around Certification Differently™

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Experience better performance, resilience and reliability

We want the organisations we work with – both big and small – to see the benefits and success that ISO Certification can facilitate. We truly believe that effective management systems are a key enabler of that success. In addition, working with the right certification body can drive material improvements in system performance, resilience and reliability.

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Designed to be more than just a tick

Our goal at every point of contact is to offer a fresh perspective – adding real value to see our client’s business grow and succeed.


Providing support

Our team provides flexible arrangements by understanding the needs of your business.


Creating partnerships

We work with clients to support their business to succeed beyond the certification.


Adding value

Our auditors focus on ways to improve your systems and, ultimately, your business.


Building resilience

We support businesses to create resilient systems that are reliable and common-sense.


Simplifying content

We put ISO standards into context for your organisation, without the need for jargon.


Personable and responsive

Every client is important. We value your time and aim to respond within 24 hours.

What is Certification Differently?

A fresh approach to ISO certification


Our goal at every point of contact is to offer a fresh perspective. Most importantly, adding real value to see our client’s business grow and succeed. Auditing for us is not just an exercise to ‘tick the boxes’ every year. It is an opportunity to get fresh eyes on the system and see how we can make a difference to an organisation’s processes.

c-check What To Expect

  • Auditors with personality

  • A common-sense business approach

  • Improvement and a value-adding focus

  • Collaboration in improving system resilience and reliability

  • Flexibility and an understanding of your needs

c-remove What Not To Expect

  • A tick and flick approach

  • Focus on irrelevant aspects of standards

  • Non-conformances raised on wording discrepancies and compliance alone

  • Use of complicated jargon and terminology

  • Incompetence and unprofessionalism

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