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Tired of the same old audits from your current provider? We've built our reputation around Certification Differently – taking a fresh approach to management systems certification.

Certification Differently

What's different?

Certification Differently isn't just a tagline. It's the way we have done things differently from day one, putting our clients' long-term success at the heart of everything we do. Here are just a few of the reasons clients have transferred to us from other providers.


More flexibility

Understanding and adjusting to your needs as a business.


Custom requests

Need something outside the box? Just ask our team.


Year-round support

Auditors available anytime, not only during the annual audit.


Value-adding audits

Focusing on continual improvement, not just compliance.


Auditors with personality

Personable, approachable auditors. Yes, really.


No complicated jargon

Helping you better understand your systems.

Switching to Southpac

Transferring your ISO certification is easier than you think

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1. Make Contact

Contact us at any stage in your current audit cycle.

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2. Arrange the Transfer

Our Certifications Coordinator will liaise with your current Certification Body and arrange the transfer.


3. We take care of the rest

We'll notify and update JAS-ANZ, at no cost to you.

Transferring Certification Guide
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Transferring Certification

Discover the simple steps you can take to get your ISO certification transferred across without any additional costs.

Why transfer?

You can hear from a number of our clients on why they transferred their ISO certification to Southpac, and how they have benefited from a better experience with their annual audits.


How Trident Services benefited from a fresh approach to their systems


Switching to Southpac: Why All Industries Group transferred their ISO certification


Delivering a "refreshing" change for Industrial Mining Inspection Solutions

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any fees for transferring certification to Southpac?

Southpac Certifications does not charge any fees to transfer your certification to us. However, we recommend you review your current provider’s terms and conditions as they may charge you cancellation fees if you cancel mid cycle, or if you do not give sufficient notice or have already booked your next audit. 

Importantly, if you transfer to us, we will pick up your certification cycle wherever it is at. You will not be required to restart the full audit cycle when you transfer.

Is payment required on transfer?

No, you only pay once you’ve completed the next audit in your cycle with our Southpac auditors.

Will I have my certificates re-issued by Southpac?

Yes, once we have completed your transfer to Southpac Certifications, including notifying and updating JASANZ, as well as your previous Certification Body, we will issue you with replacement certificates that will expire on the date of your current certification cycle. When your next re-certification audit is completed with us, you will be issued with new Southpac Certifications certificates, valid for 3 years.

Where are your auditors located?

Southpac Certifications has staff and contract auditors located right across Australia and New Zealand. Where available, we will always try to use an auditor located near to your closest capital city, which helps you save on any additional travel costs. However, if you request a specific auditor and they are required to travel to audit your business, additional travel costs will be incurred.

Will I have the same auditor each year?

We aim to provide you with the same auditor so there is continuity with your audits and within your business. You are always welcome to discuss your preferred auditor with our team.

You will be assigned a Certification Coordinator who will work with you to schedule your audits and help with any other questions that may arise at any time.