All Industries Group Case Study

Switching to Southpac: Why All Industries Group transferred their ISO certification

All Industries Group is a leading design, engineering and fabrication business based in Rockhampton, providing purpose-built solutions to mining and construction clients both nationally and internationally.

After being ISO 9001 certified for seven years, they were seeking a change from their current provider, while at the same time looking to achieve certification for an Integrated Management System for Quality, Safety and Environment.


Challenges they faced

During the audit process with their previous provider, the All Industries team found new problems were popping up that didn't exist before, which was creating more work based on rectifying, rather than improving, their Quality Management System. As a business, they were also looking to secure more long-term prime contractor work, which required triple ISO certification for ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. Seeking a new Certification Body, it was imperative that they could be certified for an Integrated Management System while making the transition to a new provider as seamless as possible.


Why they chose Southpac 

All Industries Group went out to the market to find a new Certification Body that would best meet their needs. Southpac Certifications provided a professional and thorough audit process that fit with the industry they operate in – understanding what the business is, and what outcomes their clients are looking for them to achieve.


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It was a really good experience. [Southpac] didn't create any unnecessary hurdles.

– Rob Neagle, Director - All Industries Group 


How they have benefited

As a certified fabrication business that builds specialised access and protection systems for the mining sector, as well as servicing other industries with manufacturing and design solutions, being ISO certified is important to show they look after the environment, the safety of their clients, and the quality of their products. With their Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems now certified with Southpac, All Industries Group are able to secure longer term work with top tier clients.

All Industries Group are certified to:

Quality Management Systems Certification
Environment Management Systems Certification
Safety Management Systems Certification
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