Frequently Asked Questions

Audit duration is determined by a number of factors, including the size of the company, staff breakdown, number of sites and organisational scope – which is categorised by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JASANZ).

Outside of the audit duration costs, there are certain expenses such as airfares, mileage,  accommodation and travel time, that may be required to be paid. This is dependent on each client and auditor, and will be worked out on a case by case basis.

No, you only pay once you’ve completed Stage 1 and 2, on certification. You will receive your certificates on receipt of payment. 

Southpac Certifications does not charge any fees to transfer your certification to us. However, we recommend you review your current provider’s terms and conditions as they may charge you cancellation fees if you cancel mid cycle, or if you do not give sufficient notice or have already booked your next audit. Importantly, if you transfer to us, we will pick up your certification cycle wherever it is at. You will not be required to restart the full audit cycle when you transfer.  

If you require certification urgently for a contract, we can prepare a quote for you and send you a letter of engagement upon payment of an initial deposit. This will often satisfy the contract requirements, showing that you have engaged a Certification Body and are now in the process to soon become certified.  

If your system is implemented and ready for audit, certification can happen quickly provided our auditors have time in their schedule. There is generally anything from a 2 – 6 week gap in between your stage 1 review and stage 2 certification audit. You can discuss your options and timeline with our team. 

If you’re unsure if you’re ready for your audit, take a look at our ISO 9001 Checklist or IMS Checklist. If you tick most of these boxes, you are most likely ready to book your stage 1 audit. If not, you may need some consultancy assistance.   

As a Certification Body, we cannot provide consulting services to develop or prepare your management systems, as we are an impartial third party auditor. However our Business Development Manager can offer advice on who to recommend, based on where you are and what industry you are in. 

Yes, unlike other providers we do not charge you to use our certification marks in your business marketing. These will be presented to you along with a ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ guide once you have successfully completed your stage 2 certification audit and your certificates have been issued.

Southpac Certifications has staff and contract auditors located right across Australia and New Zealand. Where available, we will always try to use an auditor located near to your closest capital city, which helps you save on any additional travel costs. However, if you request a specific auditor and they are required to travel to audit your business, additional travel costs will be incurred. 

Yes. We have very experienced local auditors based in New Zealand. We also have a New Zealand bank account, New Zealand office address, and charge in NZD + GST.    

Yes, we aim to provide you with the same auditor so there is continuity with your audits and within your business. You are always welcome to discuss your preferred auditor with our team.

Yes, you will be assigned a Certification Coordinator who will work with you to schedule your audits and help with any other questions that may arise at any time.

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