NT Link Case Study

How NT Link built a better business by prioritising the certification process

NT Link provides high quality, local solutions for remote and rural areas of the Northern Territory and central Australia, with transportable and modular buildings for temporary housing, mining camps, and accommodation.

Based in Darwin and Alice Springs, the team at NT Link were seeking a new certification body to bring more value to the ISO certification process with onsite audits, rather than only being offered remote audits.


Seeking more value

Prior to transferring their certification to Southpac Certifications, NT Link had a high turnover of HSEQ staff and were only keeping their certification current to tick a box. When Krystal Fish joined the company as HSEQ Officer, she saw there was little benefit provided from their previous Certification Body, who would only offer remote audits – reducing the quality of audits and negatively impacting the organisation’s commitment to continual improvement.


Why they chose Southpac Certifications 

At Southpac, onsite audits are the standard, and being willing to audit onsite was appealing to Krystal in her efforts to prioritise the ISO certification process within the business. They transferred their certification to Southpac, and picked up from where they were in their three-year audit cycle. Audits were completed onsite at the NT Link facilities in Darwin and Alice Springs.


How they benefited

A deep audit was required to give the business a good insight into how their systems were working – or not working – to stabilise the business. Educating key stakeholders in the business about the benefits of ISO and the audit process ensured they had an open mind when it came to audit time.


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It’s not about what we find, it’s about how we deal with what we find. If the system’s broken from an audit finding, it means it’s broken for the business. It means it needs improving.

– Krystal Fish, HSEQ Officer, NT Link


With robust systems in place, NT Link have made improvements to the business and are now in a position to capitalise on growth opportunities – including bigger projects manufacturing and installing the structures for permanent mining camps, and solidifying their position in the market ahead of competitors on the East Coast and southern states of Australia.

NT Link are certified to:

Quality Management Systems Certification
Environment Management Systems Certification
Safety Management Systems Certification
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