Master Blasters Case Study

Master Blasters grew revenue by 40% following ISO certification

Master Blasters is a blasting and protective coatings leader in the Toowoomba region. When they missed out on securing work because they weren't ISO certified, the company made the decision to work towards achieving certification.

The benefits they received in the long run were far greater than adding to the bottom line. Investing in their quality culture allowed them to bring their staff along for the journey and make the changes they needed to build their business into a great business.


How they started

Master Blasters made the initial decision to take the time they needed to gain ISO certification as an opportunity for genuine business improvement, rather than rushing the process to achieve certification faster. They ensured their staff were brought along through the whole process, and every change that was made was a change that would build and support the business.


How they have benefited 

Following their successful certification, Master Blasters experienced substantial growth, between 30 – 40% year on year. As a catalyst for business improvement, achieving ISO certification also allowed them to market this achievement to potential clients. The processes they implemented on the journey to ISO certification are now engrained in who they are as a company, breeding a quality culture throughout the organisation and with every member of staff. When it comes to audit time, they approach it as business as usual, rather than creating any additional stress on personnel or processes.


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It's so important that it is who you are as a business, not just something you do.

– Lorinda Stiles, Master Blasters


Why they chose Southpac Certifications

The team at Master Blasters were looking for a number of attributes when choosing a Certification Body. From an administrative perspective, they wanted an online system to achieve and maintain certification, not a wall of folders and an extensive paper trail. Secondly, they wanted a company they could build a relationship with, not a company that would subcontract it out to a different auditor every year. They wanted the continuity and consistency of having the same auditor come out year after year, enabling them to grow and improve from the certification audit process.

Master Blasters are certified to:

Quality Management Systems Certification
Environment Management Systems Certification
Safety Management Systems Certification
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