Logical Line Marking Case Study

How ISO certification propelled Logical Line Marking to new heights

Logical Line Marking is a Brisbane-based line marking company covering all of Queensland and New South Wales with line marking services predominantly for road and traffic projects.

The business expanded rapidly in a short number of years and sought ISO certification as the next logical step to win bigger contracts, but even more importantly to ensure they kept the business on track through their growth.


How ISO helped them improve

While the business felt relatively prepared for ISO certification, the process highlighted a number of holes in their existing systems. These were areas that were being missed in day-to-day operations, but were found during the audit process. Keeping tight systems in place was critical to managing their growth, which is why they saw ISO certification as a valuable asset to the company.

Not only would certification allow them to win more council and government contracts, having their systems meet the ISO standards would ensure they could successfully maintain that growth without problems occurring.


What it was like working with Southpac 

The Logical Line Marking team found it was a pleasant surprise working with Southpac Certifications through the certification process. While the Southpac auditor found some minor areas within their systems that had been overlooked, they were able to work together to get the right result.


Quote block_1

I felt it was more of a partnership than an auditor coming in and saying, this is wrong, that's wrong.

– James Harriman, Managing Director - Logical Line Marking

Logical Line Marking are certified to:

Quality Management Systems Certification
Environment Management Systems Certification
Safety Management Systems Certification