Iconic Columns Case Study

How ISO certification has stabilised quality for Iconic Columns

Iconic Columns and Structures is recognised as Australia's leading manufacturer of PVC column tubing, presenting an extensive assortment of diameters ranging from 300mm to an expansive 40,000mm to accommodate mega projects within the formwork, mining, civil, infrastructure, and piling sectors.

Based in Ipswich, Iconic is ideally situated to supply South East Queensland on a daily basis and also offers interstate delivery services to accommodate the demands of its diverse clientele. The company distinguishes itself with the unique ability to transport its manufacturing equipment to remote locations, where it can produce directly on-site. This flexibility ensures that Iconic can efficiently meet the specific requirements of each project.


Journey to ISO Certification

In the past decade, Iconic has significantly expanded its manufacturing operations in Queensland, allowing it to cater to a wide range of projects, from small tasks to extensive megastructures. This growth enabled Iconic to streamline its distribution across Australia and move towards a direct relationship with main contractors, eliminating the reliance on subcontractors for a more efficient and management-focused approach.

This strategic shift, especially with the adoption of ISO 9001 standards, has encouraged a closer connection between Iconic and main contractors, who now prefer the reliability and quality assurance that comes with ISO certification over the less expensive options favored by subcontractors. This evolution in business relationships underlines Iconic's commitment to delivering high-quality products and services directly to architects and clients, ensuring their needs are met with the highest standards of excellence.


Collaboration with Southpac 

In their pursuit of ISO 9001 certification, Iconic teamed up with Southpac Certifications to streamline their certification process.  This collaboration was markedly smoother than previous experiences, with Southpac's team providing insightful guidance and support throughout the process.

The effective and supportive approach taken by Southpac's auditors played a crucial role in the seamless certification process, highlighting the importance of choosing the right partners in achieving operational excellence. This partnership not only facilitated Iconic's certification journey but also reinforced the company's dedication to upholding high standards of quality and management practices, setting a new benchmark within the industry.


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Your auditors were extremely helpful to show and explain to me best practice and really refine and give me great examples of how it can be done.

– Kaitlyn Moore, Creative Director,
Iconic Columns and Structures

Iconic Columns and Structures are certified to:

Quality Management Systems Certification
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