GNB Energy Case Study

How GNB Energy supercharged their growth with the support of certified systems

GNB Energy offers expertise in the construction and implementation of civil electrical infrastructure and intelligent traffic systems, serving all major suppliers in Queensland.

Founded nearly a decade ago as a subcontractor with a team of less than 10 people, GNB Energy had a vision to grow organically into a larger electrical contractor. Over the years, they have successfully transformed from a small business to a medium/large player in the industry, currently employing over 70 staff.

Recognising the need for strategic measures to navigate their rapid expansion, the business sought ISO certification. This decision went beyond securing larger contracts; it played a vital role in guiding the company through rapid expansion, ensuring stability, and improving efficiency across all aspects of their operations.


ISO Certification Journey

Committed to excellence, GNB Energy embarked on the ISO certification journey as a strategic move to fortify their systems for sustainable growth. The certification process served as a comprehensive assessment, identifying areas for improvement and reinforcing their position as a reliable, quality-focused electrical contractor. This step aligns with their goal of enhancing systems systematically and ensuring they meet international standards, positioning them for future success.


Collaboration with Southpac 

Navigating the certification process with Southpac was a positive and collaborative experience for GNB Energy. Despite the intricacies involved, the journey was characterised by effective communication and mutual understanding. Blesson Chacko, GNB's General Manager, said “Southpac were very helpful in sorting out our queries out during the whole process and made the whole procedure easy and hassle free for us.”

Southpac Certifications' auditor worked seamlessly with the GNB Energy team to ensure a successful and valuable certification outcome. This collaborative approach reflects the dedication of both parties to achieving excellence in quality, safety and environmental management.


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If you have a dream set up, you have to make sure you can achieve it.

– Blesson Chacko, General Manager - GNB Energy

GNB Energy are certified to:

Quality Management Systems Certification
Environment Management Systems Certification
Safety Management Systems Certification
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