Geological Solutions Case Study

Geological Solutions elevates industry standards in mining consultancy

Geological Solutions is a specialist provider to the mining and exploration industry across Australia. As a multi-disciplinary consultancy company, it has distinguished itself by offering unmatched expertise through its team of seasoned geoscientists and field personnel.

Incorporated in 2004 with its head office on the Sunshine Coast, Geological Solutions has matured into a key player in the geological sciences sector. With a dedicated workforce of now approximately 55 employees, the company has carved out a niche for itself, offering specialised services in geological field personnel, geological safety, and project management.

Their clientele spans across the country, from blue-chip miners in Western Australia to the coal and metal industries in New South Wales, demonstrating a broad and diversified reach within the resource and exploration industry.


Journey to ISO Certification

The decision to seek ISO certification was a strategic move to enhance Geological Solutions' standing in the industry. From the outset, the company had established initial systems, including a Quality Management System and Safety Management System. With 20 years of operation, these systems had seen continuous improvement, reflecting the company's dedication to excellence.

The primary motivation behind seeking ISO certification was to ensure their products and services met international quality and safety standards, crucial for staying competitive and building client trust. This move was also aimed at improving customer satisfaction and strengthening the brand, recognising that certification could be the differentiating factor that sets a company apart.

The move towards ISO certification aligned with the company's existing strong systems, including environmental measures. This vision shows Geological Solutions' goal to not just uphold but also advance its quality, safety, and environmental standards, planning to further develop their systems and client relationships.


Collaboration with Southpac 

Southpac was pivotal in assessing Geological Solutions' systems against ISO standards, fostering a partnership based on mutual goals to improve operational standards. Initial worries from the Geological Solutions team were eased by Southpac's professional and approachable audit method.

This positive experience was expressed by Mick Crighton, the director of Geological Solutions, who noted the audit process as not only beneficial for obtaining certification but as an invaluable opportunity for internal reflection and improvement. Mick's reflections highlight the constructive nature of the audit, identifying areas for enhancement within their systems and setting the stage for continuous improvement.

Their approach to certification demonstrates how strategic planning, continuous system improvement, and effective collaboration can lead to significant achievements. Mick's experience and insights underscore the value of the certification process, not just for compliance, but as a mechanism for business growth and industry leadership.


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We enjoyed the process, and I would have to recommend it to any business that wants to strengthen themselves in the industry they are in. I think it’s a great benefit for anyone.

– Mick Crighton, Director – Geological Solutions

Geological Solutions are certified to:

Quality Management Systems Certification
Safety Management Systems Certification
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