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How Empire Technologies is building trust through ISO 27001 Certification

Based in Sydney and operating across Australia, Empire Technologies has established itself as a leader in cybersecurity, delivering beneficial IT solutions and focusing on providing the right solutions to the right clients.

While larger tech firms often pursue ISO 27001 certification to meet specific government or industry requirements, smaller businesses may find the process daunting due to its complexity. However, Empire Technologies has always prioritised embodying a security-first approach, ensuring its systems meet top industry standards and focus heavily on cybersecurity. Achieving ISO 27001 certification was a natural progression for Empire, aligning with its ongoing expansion.


Tailored cybersecurity solutions

Empire Technologies serves a diverse clientele, from sectors that already understand cybersecurity, such as finance, law, and healthcare, to those less familiar with its critical importance. By educating and guiding all clients—regardless of their prior experience or industry—towards robust cybersecurity practices, Empire Technologies demonstrates its commitment to security excellence.

The company crafts personalised roadmaps and ensures compliance with essential security standards, facilitating even the smallest clients' eligibility for cyber insurance. This approach is fortified by the trust and credibility afforded by their ISO 27001 certification, allowing Empire Technologies to deliver unparalleled security solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.


Why they chose Southpac 

Choosing Southpac Certifications for their certification journey was a strategic decision influenced by Southpac's reputation for thoroughness, their deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, and their commitment to fostering long-term partnerships. Southpac's approach aligned with Empire Technologies' security-first philosophy, ensuring a certification process that was not only about meeting standards but also about enhancing the company's overall security posture.

Southpac's expertise in navigating the complexities of ISO 27001 certification provided Empire Technologies with the guidance necessary to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively, further solidifying their position as a cybersecurity powerhouse.


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ISO 27001 is a must-have for us to demonstrate to our customers that we don't just advise; we apply the same standards and have the experience to back it up.

– Bruno Lima, Lead System Engineer – Empire Technologies

Empire Technologies is certified to:

Information Security Management Systems

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