Certification Differently

At Southpac Certifications, we believe in doing things differently. We know businesses are tired of the same old tick-and-flick approach, which is why we have built our reputation around Certification Differently™

We want the organisations we work with – both big and small – to see the benefits and success that ISO Certification can facilitate. We truly believe that effective management systems are a key enabler of that success. In addition, working with the right certification body can drive material improvements in system performance, resilience and reliability.

More than a tick

What is 
Certification Differently?

Our goal at every point of contact is to offer a fresh perspective. Most importantly, adding real value to see our client’s business grow and succeed.

Auditing for us is not just an exercise to ‘tick the boxes’ every year. It is an opportunity to get fresh eyes on the system and see how we can make a difference to an organisation’s processes. An organisation that is audited by Southpac Certifications will be assigned a dedicated Lead Auditor who is committed to both assurance and improvement. They will work with all personnel as a team to provide assurance that the systems are not just compliant but are actually implemented and working to improve the business.


What to expect

  • Auditors with personality
  • A common-sense business approach
  • Improvement and a value-adding focus
  • Collaboration in improving system resilience and reliability
  • Flexibility and an understanding of your needs

What not to expect

  • A tick and flick approach
  • Focus on irrelevant aspects of standards
  • Non-conformances raised on wording discrepancies and compliance alone
  • Use of complicated jargon and terminology
  • Incompetence and unprofessionalism

What our Clients say about us

“The lead auditors have been exemplary, knowledgeable in construction, reasonable in their findings and professional in their interactions, whether that is with the Executive team or site workers. In my experience Southpac has made the audit process easy and less painful than other companies I’ve worked with and we have a great working relationship.”

Michelle Rooney, HSE Manager, McNab

“Thanks very much Jeremy and Amy (from Southpac). The process was streamlined and straightforward. Very happy with the outcome.”

James Gleeson, Director, Marvel Engineers
“From the beginning, Southpac treated us like clients before we signed anything. The personalised serviced and competitive price made it an easy decision. Throughout the certification process, it was always quick and easy to talk to someone whenever I had questions. Again, the personalised service from the auditor helped make the certification process quick and stress free. The auditing process might be a stressful and anxious time for some businesses, Southpac makes it easy.”
Kurtis Norman, International Supply Officer, APGL Group

“Southpac Certifications has provided certification of our Integrated Management System to the ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001/AS4801 standards since 2015 and have at all times been thorough and professional while paying close attention to the context and needs of our organisation.”

Frederick Wecker, GANDEN Engineers

“Very professional and experienced audit team who take a real interest in the achievements and improvement of our organisation. I can see why Newlands have had a long standing relationship with Southpac! Luis, Ben, Amy and the team made the transition to ISO45001 seamless.”

Adrian Niebling, Newlands

“The Southpac experience was exemplary. They became a leader and a partner from start to finish in the certification process. Practical, structured and clear in their communication and processes, we found Southpac made the journey much simpler than we had anticipated. A job well done.”

Richard Reid, AllBase Infrastructure Solutions
“Thanks for helping us on our ISO journey! Your team was highly engaging and really helped us think about what we have achieved, and also what we can do into the future to provide our customers with the high levels of quality they deserve.”
Tony Brine, Director, Australian Strategic Property Advisers

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Southpac for an audit, and I must say that my experience exceeded all expectations. From the moment I contacted them to the final report, their professionalism, expertise and commitment to excellence were evident.”

Doug Rawlins, New Product & Business Development Manager, Rocky Point

“In the realm of ISO certification audits, Southpac Certifications stands out for their unique approach. Unlike the conventional ordeal often associated with certification processes, Southpac offers a refreshing perspective. Their “certification differently” approach ensures that businesses like ours receive all the benefits of a robust ISO system without the unnecessary complications that drain resources and frustrate employees. Thanks to Southpac, we now have a tailored management system that aligns perfectly with our business needs and sets the stage for future growth.”

Tony Robinson, Operations & Managing Directory, CBR Power Services